Professional Branding

Digital leadership

Digital coaching process for leaders to raise awareness about and support the management of their brand and reputation, improving their impact and influence as leaders in the new digital era


  • Position the leader by their differential value, creating visibility and reputation in the socio-economic networks​​
  • Define objectives, KPI’s and digital brand strategy
  • Create branded content and measure the influence and impact on social networks
  • Develop dashboard and monitor the professional branding process. Periodic report


  • Coaching: self-knowledge, UVP, professional brand character. Digital identity.
  • Defining objectives and KPI’s.
  • Define the strategy, positioning and territories of the brand. Profile-Person audience.
  • Design content, format and type and storytelling (branded content). Content map
  • Implementation of digital strategy by feeds and a socioeconomic agenda.
  • Set the dashboard. Monitoring and measuring tools


  • Increase visibility and awareness about your brand in major professional networks
  • Take control of your professional career.
  • Increase your influence and reputation in the market
  • Integrate lessons as new skills and digital performance
  • Leaders become keynote speakers or influencers as the brand of their organisation.
  • Key factor of differentiation and market value

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