Be at your best

The essence of high performance

Program to learn how to have the best balance between the four dimensions of energy: physical, emotional, mental and mindfulness.


  • Integrate daily performance-boosting rituals
  • Learn to optimise the four energy levels to function efficiently
  • Train new behaviours to activate the energy as an engine of action
  • Enhance self-motivation


  • Format of 16 x 90-minute practical master classes given over three months to ensure that the rituals are integrated into the daily routine
  • Physical dimension: Knowing and learning to optimize the biological rythms of rest, nutrition and physical activity
  • Emotional dimension: get to know our emotions and their effects. Learn to self-manage emotions.
  • Mental dimension: discover your mental map and limiting beliefs. Develop methods and tools to promote creativity and concentration.
  • Mindfulness dimension: learn to enhance mindfulness and presence through exercises to relax, meditate and connect with our qualities and values.


  • Physically energised
  • Emotionally connected
  • Mentally focused
  • Spiritually aligned

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