Branded Content

Everything is content in the digital world

Innovative and creative strategic content service for leaders who have defined their personal and professional brand and want to go one step further towards influencing the offline world


  • Boost the visibility and influence of the personal/professional brand
  • Encourage conversation and engagement in social networks
  • Create a strategy of relevant content with high added value


  • We define the objectives and KPI’s
  • We implement the digital brand and positioning strategy – set out – brand manual
  • Creation and production of content: format and type. The same format creates different content
  • Implementation by RSS feeds: launching and measuring
  • Design offline agendas in professional and social networks
  • Measuring, defining tools and developing the dashboard and periodic reports


  • The leader feels accompanied, trained and mentored by a team of specialists in branded content, breaking down barriers for digitalisation
  • High impact of the leader’s digital identity and reputation, which reverses the image and reputation of their organisation, to be a key factor in differentiation and value
  • Lessons, new digital skills and networking management are integrated
  • Greater influence on social and professional networks
  • The leader is more credible, effective and generates greater engagement

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